Senin, 12 Oktober 2009


i got a beautiful poem from my secret admirer. He was lovely man such a loyal and genuine man.This poem made me cried.

Last night i was thinking about here is a little poem for you ...

How can you love someone
you have never seen
with a feeling
so passionate that it makes
your heart skip a beat at
the sound of her voice?

How can you feel her hands on you,
when she has never touched you?
How can you feel her lips kiss yours
when she has never whispered your
name in the night?

But to know just one moment in
my life with
such passion
such feeling
such want
such need.
I would give myself entirely
without regret
without sorrow
without remorse
to you
your wants
your needs
your love
your life.

Till little angel

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

The Holistic Healing

Naturopathy is based on the idea that the body is self-healing. The body will repair itself and recover from illness spontaneously if it is in a healthy environment.
What to expect during a consultation?
You will be queried about your medical history and that of your immediate family, as well as any medications or vitamins that you are currently taking. Lifestyle questions regarding such matters as your dietary habits, sleep patterns, exercise regimen and stress levels will also be addressed. Iridology is usually performed to gather further information on the condition of the various body systems.
Following the consultation, you may be prescribed a herbal preparation comprising of one or more herbs, vitamins, minerals or other natural nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flowers, etc. Advice on exercise and/or diet may also be given.
Iridology is the science and practice of analysing the iris of the eye. The iris reveals changing conditions of every part and organ of the body. In addition, through various marks, signs, and coloration in the iris, nature reveals inherited weaknesses and strengths.
During an iris analysis, the practitioner can see the person's overall state of health based on the density of the iris fibres, patterns, structures, colours and degrees of lightness and darkness in the iris. Iridology can also reveal the relative site of over-activity, irritation, injury or degeneration of the tissues and organs. Toxic accumulation levels can be observed as well as nutritional and chemical imbalances.
Herbal Medicine
Herbalism refers to the use of plants to treat a variety of medical conditions. The herbs are administered in many ways and are used both internally and topically. Herbs facilitate the healing of a person as a whole, and may be used for all physical and some mental/emotional disorders.
Many of the pharmaceutical drugs used today are derived from herbs. However these drugs are based on what are considered to be the plant's “active” ingredients (e.g. certain chemicals that have been isolated from the original plant), whereas herbalism utilizes the whole plant, or at the very least the roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. It is believed that these so-called “inactive” ingredients play a significant role in determining the herbs overall therapeutic effect. 
Clinical Nutrition, Diet and Detoxification
The body has three basic functions: building or tonifying, cleansing or detoxifying and maintenance or balance. A healthy diet will aid these natural processes, facilitating one's healing and maintaining an optimal state of health. Food and nutritional supplements can also help us treat specific symptoms.
What is detox?
Detox or detoxification is the process of cleansing one's body of toxins. Although basic detoxification begins with diet, detox programs may include nutritional fortification for the liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels and blood.
Will I feel better or worse during the detox?
Some people feel better immediately, gaining energy and a sense of wellbeing from the start of their detoxification program, while others may experience headaches or flu-like symptoms, nausea or feel fatigued for several days.
What are the benefits of doing a detox programme?
Toxins not properly eliminated from the body are stored like fat eventually accumulating to the point of causing disease. A detoxification programme removes toxic wastes from the tissues, blood and cells of the body, thus ensuring optimal health.
Allergy Elimination
An individual can be allergic to anything he or she comes into contact with, like foods, pharmaceutical drugs, herbs, vitamins, chemicals, pollen, etc. In the allergic person, the brain views the allergen as a threat to the body. Allergens can cause blockages in our energy pathways or meridians, disrupting the normal energy flow throughout the body and creating an imbalance which can lead to poor health.
Undiagnosed allergies are often the cause of chronic illnesses which, when left untreated can become serious. N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques) is a safe and effective way to eliminate allergies.
The practitioner investigates which allergy needs to be removed with a technique called ‘kinesiology’. Next, a massage of pressure points along the spine is given along with breathing techniques, followed by stimulation of certain acupressure points. The muscle is re-tested to confirm that the allergy is gone. Since only one allergen can be treated during each session, the patient may need a series of treatments until all allergies are cleared permanently.

Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

Jakarta's Restaurants

Looking for  a new dinning experiences  in Jakarta's, check out some favorite restaurants in Jakarta.
Jakarta's restaurants offer dining with delicious cuisine from around the world at cafes, restaurants, coffee houses, and fine dining venues:

European Restaurants in Jakarta
Amadeus The Café
Red Square Vodka Bar
Rustique Grill & Wine

Hacienda Mexican Bar & Grill

Indonesian Restaurants in Jakarta
Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie

Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

International Restaurants in Jakarta
Café Batavia
Front Page Wine & Dine
Le Gran Café Restaurant
Sperta Restaurant

Italian restaurants in Jakarta
Capoccacia Sandwich & Bar
Middle Eastern restaurants in jakarta
Anatolia Turkish Restaurant
Maroush Middle Eastern Restaurant & Champagne Bar

fee and Teas is a diverse modern coffee company specializing in good food and fresh world class coffees and teas. Freshly roasted on location, in Kemang, South Jakarta and Kuta, Bali by dedicated professionals, our coffees are like no others in terms of aroma, taste and freshness. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, made by award winning Baristas, you can try a wide variety of sandwiches and entrees to please every palate! New York Deli style sandwiches are made from the finest ingredients – fresh daily baked bread, imported meats & cheeses from the US and Australia. Dine in and relax with your family, friends, and business partners in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere or take advantage of Free Delivery to your home/office (delivery areas apply).
American Restaurants in Jakarta
Outback SteakhouseOutback Steakhouse in JakartaGood day Mates! Looking for some good old Down Under goodness? Then, look no further and get on down to Outback Steakhouse. With over 800 outlets worldwide, the Indonesian outlets can be found in Ratu Plaza and Pondok Indah Mall 1. At Outback, the walls are festooned with boomerangs, Aboriginal art, and other items from the great Australian Outback. The concept of Outback Steakhouse was inspired by the hit movie, Crocodile Dundee. It is a friendly, casual and relaxing place embodying the spirit of the Australian Outback with the bold flavorful food, excellent service and attentive staff. On the Outback menu, appetizers are called Aussie – Tizers and Outback’s signature dish, the “Typhoon Bloom” which is an all time favorite starter. As a steakhouse, Outback prides itself on its high quality steak and offers it seasoned and seared to perfection. American-sized steaks are flat grilled just like they do in Australia during a “Barbie”...grilled on the outside, a little red and juicy on the inside. Beside steaks, “Must tries” are Aussie Cheese Fries, Outback Sirloin, Prime Minister’s Prime Rib, Alice Springs Chicken, Ribs and Chicken On the Barbie, seafood and pasta among many more. Do not leave until you have tried the delectably sinful “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under” which is freshly – baked pecan brownie, topped with rich vanilla ice cream, hot homemade chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings. Another must-try is The Mango Darn, which is Down Under frozen wonder with Mango nectar and secret mixers. Print out the Outback Steakhouse listing on this page ... and receive a Rp 50,000 discount on food and/or non-alcoholic drinks on your next visit to Outback Pondok Indah Mall 1 or Ratu Plaza.
American Restaurants in Jakarta
Black Cat Jazz and Supper LoungeBlack Cat Jazz and Supper ClubBlack Cat Jazz and Supper Club is an intimate, up-market 300 square meter jazz cub and restaurant, featuring live jazz bands and piano music; semi fine dining introducing Cajun/Creole cuisine; fine wine, champagne, bottles of spirits, classic cocktails; and friendly and attentive service. Black Cat presents an extraordinary lineup of top Indonesian and world-class Jazz artists, warm hospitality, perfect sound, and comfortable seating -- and you can drop in after work for Happy Hour and Dinner to enjoy our live piano player. From Pop and Classic Jazz, to Swing and Funk, Black Cat presents the legendary artists of today and the brightest stars of tomorrow. Black Cat introduces New Orleans style Cajun/Creole Cuisine to the Jakarta marketplace and will open daily for lunch, dinner and late night supper. Originating in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cajun and Creole cuisines are rich, diverse cuisines based on French cooking, with a mélange of French, Spanish, African and other influences. Our signature dishes include Jambalaya, Seafood Gumbo, Shrimp Creole, Blackened Steaks and Catfish. Open daily for lunch from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, for Happy Hours from 5:00 to 7:00 PM and for dinner from 5:00 PM to midnight. Live Piano player: Monday through Saturday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. and Live Jazz Bands: Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 PM to 1:00 AM.
Dallas Roadhouse Bar & GrillDallas Roadhouse Bar & Grill in downtown Jakarta is our flagship outlet in Indonesia. And if you haven’t already heard about us, we’re an American-style restaurant that specializes in a mouthwatering variety of authentic Tex-Mex food in a casual, fun-packed environment that’s suitable for all the family. With wall-to-wall biking memorabilia, Americana imagery galore, and a muscular Harley Davidson jackets on display, the Dallas Roadhouse Bar & Grill is about as American as it gets! Start with our lip-smacking appetizers like Southwest Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas, our signature Salt & Pepper Calamari or Tender Dallas Wings. For main course, go for our 12 hour slow cooked Prime Rib Steak. If you are health conscious, our Seared Salmon and Signature BBQ Barramundi Fillets are to die for. Also, our Roadhouse Burger and Southern Burger are one of our customer’s favorites. End your experience with our yummy sweet treats like Chocolate Twister Terrin and Chocolate Lava Cake that will leave you asking for more. To help wash down our generous American servings or to simply quench your thirst we’ve decided to throw away our clock and give you Happy Hour drinks prices all day long, everyday!
Indonesian Restauratns in Jakarta
Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & PatisserieDelicious meals served at Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & PatisserieTucked away in Tjideng, Central Jakarta, just a few minutes from the National Museum and the Presidential Palace, Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie is a great hideaway for a quiet business lunch, an after-work dinner or a perfect place for a special family gathering. The Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie building was built in the early-20th century, in an area that was known as Laan Trivelli and Tjideng Kamp, a historical Batavia neighborhood during Dutch colonial times. Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie serves traditional Indonesian family dishes that were adjusted to the Dutch palate or original Indische family cuisine, all at reasonable prices. Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto is known for the unique dishes which are made with devotion and love by the owner herself, using Huize Trivelli’s family recipes handed down from generation to generation, to ensure originality. Each meal is enjoyed in the homey ambiance surrounded by eclectic antique furnishings which blend the Javanese-European and Chinese cultural traditions of the family. Be sure to try the fresh from the oven Trivelli Insulinde Pastei followed by Trivelli Kerrie Laksa Njonja Molenvliet, one of the many dishes in the mini rijsstafel on the Harmonie menu. And finally, enjoy one of the traditional beverages, Bier Pletok a la Betawi, a drink which is made from sweet-smelling pandan leaves, cinnamon and cloves, and spiced up with ginger that warms your body. If you are bored with the modern, funky eateries, then drop by Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie where you will feel at home with its homey ambiance, mouthwatering food, and reasonable prices.
Indian  Restaurants in Jakarta
Indian  Restaurants in Jakarta
Kinara Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia - offering excellent Indian cuisineKinara RestaurantKinara - in Hindi meaning a shore or edge – has been awarded Jakarta’s best Indian Restaurant and is located in the fashionable area of Kemang. This romantic restaurant is fashioned after the palaces of the mighty Maharajas and offers cuisines from every corner of the vast Indian subcontinent carefully prepared by our team of master chefs from India, along with an extensive wine selection. Before or after the perfect dinner in Kinara, visit our sports bar, Fez. Located on the first floor of the Kinara building, a sophisticated interior, two international-standard pool tables and excellent screens scattered throughout make Fez a welcome alternative to the heat and stress of Jakarta. They also make Fez the perfect place to meet and mingle with friends and colleagues at the end of the day.
For your private function, from 25 - 200 people, or just a romantic dinner for two, try our Chand Garden banquet hall. Situated high above street level with an open barbeque kitchen and romantic cabanas, the Chand Garden rooftop terrace is the perfect venue for parties and gatherings. Our elegant banquet room – available by reservation – is equipped with all the facilities required to host business luncheons, corporate gatherings and cocktail parties. Call our marketing team & let us plan your next corporate or private event. To savor the flavor of Kinara’s exotic cuisine and service in the comfort of your home or work place, try our premium catering service for your private parties, functions and gatherings.
European Restaurants in Jakarta

Amadeus Restaurant Patisserie and Bar Jakarta Amadeus Restaurant Patisserie and Bar - JakartaEscape the hectic urban life every time you enter Amadeus The Café - a genuine European coffee house. In addition to a full selection of classic European favorites, freshly baked pastries, cakes and other confectioneries, the Amadeus culinary team introduces a new menu of mouthwatering original creations every month. Amadeus bears the name of famed Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and his Viennese influence is evident in the ambiance created at our three locations - from the stylized interior design and décor elements, to the carefully selected music. Co-owned by the Froeschl Brothers, Christian and Karl, natives of Zwettl Austria, they share their passion for great food with Amadeus customers. Whether you are ... a busy professional just looking to get out of the office for a spell; looking for a hip and happening place to hang out; a connoisseur of all things fine and European; or newly love struck and embarking on a romance ... come to Amadeus as our honored guest. Share your joys, your passion, your youth, and your romance with us.
European Restaurants in Jakarta
Cassis Restaurant & DeliCassis Restaurant & Deli - Continental dining in JakartaCassis Restaurant is located in the heart of the city, expressing the spirit of a continental dining room with contemporary accents offering an intimate destination for a memorable meal and impeccable service. Enjoy an elegant fine dining experience at Cassis or a quick and easy lunch.. Cassis prepares elegant French and Northern Italian meals, as well as dishes with a more contemporary flair incorporating flavors derived from world travels. Signature dishes include: Mussels mariniere, provencale or with fennel, Seared foie gras with cassis berries, and Roasted grain fed beef or Wangyu beef. The Private Wine Collection presents exceptional and world renowned wines to please even the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Enjoy a pre-dinner drink or signature cocktail at the distinctive bar.

European Restaurants in Jakarta
Rustique, Wine and GrillRustique Grill & WineAcclaimed Chef Fany Hermawan brings his knowledge of contemporary european bistro cuisine from the award-winning restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne to his new restaurant in Jakarta, Rustique Grill & Wine. Seating 105 guests, Rustique adventure offers the finest quality foods, service, and ambience. With an open-kitchen, guests can view the chefs at work on delicious meals. Signature dishes include Dry Aged Beef; Black Tasmanian mussels, tossed in tomato, garlic and spices,; Tempura of Atlantic Salmon, as well as 9 grain-fed Blackmore Wagyu Beef. Enjoy treats from the tapas menu, or indulge in decadent chocolate deserts .. while enjoying an excellent selection of wine and premium beverages ... yum !
European Restaurants in Jakarta
Red Square Vodka Bar JakartaRed Square Vodka Bar, Jakarta IndonesiaRed Square Vodka Bar is Jakarta's first Russian themed vodka bar, which creates, flairs, prepares, and then serves up the most complete selection of imported vodkas, flavored vodkas, infused vodkas, vodka martinis and vodka stick cocktails. Red Square original cocktails include the White Chocolate Martini, Vodka Tonic Fruit Splashes, Dip, Suck & Bite Shots, the Hypnotic Illusion, Red Island Iced Tea and our own Red Square flavored vodka infusions. Red Square serves 40 ml shots for Jakarta's most potent drinks! Red Square introduced Russian cuisine to the Jakarta marketplace, serving lunch, dinner and high end snacks from a kitchen/pantry. Red Square cuisine includes Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganov, Beef Goulash, Seared Salmon and Chicken Shashlik. Located on the ground level facing the courtyard at the Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Red Square attracts a mix of Indonesians, expatriates and the young trendsetters. Check out our weekly theme nights and monthly promotions on our website or call 5790-1281.
International Restaurants in Jakarta

Cafe BataviaCafe BataviaDeep in the heart of old Batavia ... you'll find a gem of a dining experience at Café Batavia, located on the northwest corner of the Fatahillah Square, across from the Fatahillah Museum. The restaurant is housed in a 19th-century colonial-era building, the second oldest on Fatahillah Square. Filled with antiques and original fixtures from the period, you'll feel like you are stepping back in time the moment you enter one of Jakarta's premiere cafes. Hundreds of pictures of bygone eras line the walls and provide a trip down memory lane. And the real treat lies in the delicious meal you are about to experience - delicious dishes. Don't forget to try the homemade ice cream, Café Batavia is famous for it! Visit the upstairs Churchill Bar and find out why it's made Newsweek's “World's Best Bars” list ... twice!

International Restaurants in Jakarta
Le Gran Café Restaurant - Hotel Gran Mahakam JakartaLe Gran Café Restaurant - Hotel Gran Mahakam JakartaLe Gran Café Restaurant, Sophistically located on the Mezzanine level of Hotel Gran Mahakam, a charming five-star boutique hotel in the prime residential area of South Jakarta. Teasing your palate with an array of superb International buffet and extensive a la carte menu featuring traditional Indonesian specialties, Western, Asian and authentic Japanese cuisine. Elegant interior design, the cozy ambiance and the harmonious melody of the piano will blend perfectly to accompany business luncheons and intimate dinners. Le Gran Café Restaurant is the perfect and relaxed venue to retreat from the daily hustle life. Le Gran Café is open daily from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight, comfortably accommodating up to 120 persons. For information and reservation, please contact: +62 21 720 9966 extension 192. View our current promotion
International Restaurants in Jakarta
Sperta Restaurant, grandkemang Hotel
Sperta Restaurant - European and Indonesian cuisine in JakartaWine and dine at Sperta Restaurant, grandkemang Hotel, in a casual, warm and relaxing ambience. The all-day dining venue specializes in selected European and Indonesian cuisines. The delectable dishes include grilled imported steaks, fresh seafood selection, pastas as well as authentic Indonesian specialities. On Sundays, guests are pampered at a leisurely buffet brunch with a truly spectacular feast of both Indonesian and Western delights. The Sparca Lounge is the perfect meeting point for late afternoon drinks and evening cocktails, serving a wide selection of delicacies, cheese and caviar as well as champagne, wine and martinis for those who are looking for total lifestyle indulgence. Deep round sofas, leather armchairs and vibrant music background make the lounge a cozy place to enjoy between friends and colleagues.
International Restaurants in Jakarta
Front Page Wine and Dine - JakartaNeed a place to unwind after an exhausting day of work?! FrontPage Wine & Dine would be an ideal place to unbutton those collars and roll up those sleeves. Located in the heart of Jakarta, this place would be the perfect meeting point with friends, colleagues or even business partners.  The wine and dine experience offered at FrontPage is enhanced with its classic and stylish decor fashioned with old international magazines front pages and eight screens splurged across the bar showing portraits and artworks of different genre. A fine collection of your favorite radio hits along with an exquisite collection of lounge music is played at FrontPage all day; to lift your mood in the late evenings, you will be served with a mix of deep, soulful and funky electronic music. To complete your “wining and dining”, an exclusive private room has also been tailored suitable for your cigar affairs. If you’re working afterhours, you get to enjoy free wi-fi with your favorite glass of wine or an ice cold jug of beer. So what’s on at FrontPage?! Monday night is an evening with the media, happy hour for all the journalists! Wednesday is of course ladies night, free house cocktail for all the ladies. Saturday night is Party Time! You get to take over FrontPage as your own private bar. FrontPage’s menu offers International and Indian fusion cuisine.  Best on the table would be lamb shanks, Indian grills and curries, over 50 different selections of wines, and groovy cocktails (You gotta try the espresso martini). FrontPage is set to satisfy you whether on a weekday or on a weekend, whether you just got done with work or you’re looking to get warmed up for your late night clubbing.
Capocaccia Sandwich and BarEvery break of the day is a moment to dedicate yourself to the pleasure of meeting people, eating and drinking. Capocaccia Sandwich and Bar offers guests a chance to enjoy high quality food, a good ambience, and excellent services. Born in 1979 in Milan, the capital of Panini, Capocaccia become a famous restaurant offering authentic Italian Panini at their first outlet in Monte Carlo. Capocaccia presents the best original Panini recipes, accompanied with various cold plates, and delicious homemade desserts. Capocaccia adjusts to a bar at night, offering selections of special Italian cocktails accompanied by great selections of music. Located in the heart of Sudirman Central Business District at the Pacific Place Mall Jakarta, Capocaccia is ready to offer customers prompt service throughout the day. Come soon to experience Capocaccia …
Capocaccia Sandwich and Bar
Middle Eastern Restaurants in Jakarta
Anatolia Restaurant - Turkish cuisine in JakartaEnjoy delicious Turkish food at Anatolia Restaurant
Savor the tastes of authentic Turkish cuisine at Anatolia Restaurant. Anatolia is a truly unique restaurant; Jakarta’s best Middle Eastern Restaurant since 2003 and the only one in the city that offers completely authentic Turkish cuisine. Right after the entrance, you will be greeted by genuine surroundings of Turkish décor, along with dim, intimate lighting, and bright tones of yellow & striking blue and beaming guests enjoying unforgettable food. Anatolia doesn’t have their meat cut upon buying. Instead, they do it themselves, as well as the marinating process. All their herbs are also homemade – dried or ground to their own specifications and made for a matchless taste. On Fridays and Saturdays, expect invigorating belly dancing performances that will get pump up your adrenaline. Try Chef Sezai Zorlu’s exceptional set menus for a little taste of all he has to offer, or dive into Anatolia’s seemingly boundless a la carte – fork tender lamb shanks over a bed of couscous or grilled artichoke hearts, stuffed with wine leaves with ground lamb under a blanket of yoghurt garlic sauce, or a hearty mutton stew with their incredible home baked bread. For vegetarians, over 40 options are available from starters to dessert. That’s only a taste of the wonders Anatolia has to offer. Anatolia is also an extremely popular caterer due to their very affordable deals. Value for money prices are explained by a simple Turkish mentality, “A cup of coffee has a forty year value.”
Turkish and Middle Eastern Restaurants in Jakarta
Maroush Middle Eastern RestaurantMaroush Middle Eastern RestaurantLuxurious, opulent, intimate – the beauty of Maroush Middle Eastern Restaurant is impossibly ostentatious. Arguably one of Jakarta’s most beautiful restaurants, Maroush offers a fine blend of beauty, taste and luxury. The authentic and enchanting dining experience will fly you to Morocco and back. Entrance to the restaurant is through a dimly lit tree lined path which is dotted with colourful under lit Hands of Fatima, a motive you will find throughout Maroush. Welcomed by a sheesha lounge and Jakarta’s only Champagne Bar, you may be tempted to move no further. Yet the deeper you move into the restaurant, the more of Maroush’s splendor you will uncover. Become a Sheikh for an evening and dine at the emerald Green Chef’s Table or if you’re looking for something more private, Maroush possesses it’s piece-de-resistance, the Red Room, a private dining area with a hand carved dining table suitable for your corporate meetings or even private parties. Completing its decadent décor is their divine Moroccan & Middle Eastern cuisine. Chef Abderrahim Touqo will present you traditional dishes cooked in the tagine – a claypot dish used for slow cooking food with no oil or water. This method of cooking preserves all the juices and nutrients of the meat and vegetables giving you rich flavors that will make you crave for more. The ala carte specials are char grilled paprika salad, chicken tagine with lemon & olives, and tender grilled lamb shanks cooked with Moroccan spices. With such extravagant flair, Maroush has been a popular for parties, gala dinners, and corporate gatherings as it can accommodate over 200 people.
Mexican restaurants in Jakarta
Mexican restaurants in Jakarta
Hacienda Mexican Bar & Grills Chef Gerardo serves up Jakarta’s finest Mexican cuisine, margaritas and signature tequila cocktails. Conveniently located in Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Hacienda offers guests an array of carefully prepared Mexican dishes using the freshest ingredients. Our goal is to offer a fiesta for the senses where every experience is fresh, fun-filled and full of flavors coupled with friendly, outgoing and attentive service. Enjoy a wide selection of Hand Shaken, Frozen, Fruit and Premium Margaritas, imported tequilas, and both Mexican and local beers in the great Spanish themed interior. Signature Mexican Cocktails include Desperado Ice Tea, Cuba Libre, Mojodito, Bloody Maria, Green Lizard and several kinds of Margaritas! Hacienda is a modern Mexican restaurant which brings authentic Mexican food and the latest international tequila trends to Jakarta.

Mexican restaurants in Jakarta
Dining in Bandung

The Peak Resort Dining - Bandung - West Java
The Peak Resort Dining - Bandung - West JavaDiscover a unique dining experience with a cozy ambience at an elevation of 1200 meters near the summit of a steeply rising, symmetrical hill in Karyawangi Village, Ciwaruga. The Peak is a modern country-style resort dining establishment, offering discerning indoor and outdoor dining service with an incredible view of the Bandung valley.
“The mood is precious”; it is so precious that we serve it even if you do not order it! Enriched by visionary architecture, integrated landscape, and cultural décor, the dining atmosphere offers an endless variety of unexpected delights. For a gathering with colleagues, family or friends our catering team is wholly committed to delight your palate with a gastronomic array in an international buffet spread or an irresistible five-course dinner with your choice of spirits and a good selection of wine and cigars.