Sabtu, 26 September 2009


Imagine this ..... Anytime u want u can leave behind the world as you know it and enter the world as u dream it. Follow your imagination all the way up to podium to accept your Nobel Peace Prize, or on stage to take a bow with Barry Shinikov. You allow yourself to think bigger than life, because even the most fantastic dreams have something to tell us about who we are, and who we may yet become. When u finnaly let those deep-down dreams bubble up, us spirit soars, and everyone around you is uplfted by your example. Denny your dreams? Now that's oen thing youwould never dream of doing. Will they come true? There's only one way to find out.... Name them, and you begin to claim them.
The Payoffs
  • Liberation. Owning what u want to do can be scarry, but when you allow your secret desires to surface for more than a fleeting second and if you stay with them long enough to play them out and commit them to paper, you will have in that very act-freed yourself from the fear of becomintg who you are as opposed to who you (and others) think you should be.
  • Power. Yours.
  • Bliss. As Goethe and Joseph Campbell both note, the universe moves in mysterious ways when you truly commit to finding and following your bliss.
  • Passion. Dreaming fuels passion, and passion is itself a potent fuel. It will provide you with the drive, determination, and joy to pursue your dreams. And because passion is a renewable resource. Its energy will spill over into other areas of your life, and the lives of people around you.
My Badge Steps
  1. Invite your dreams to come out and play
Its simply to occurd your dreams the same consideration. U can make your grocery list ! How to find the time
  • Make it a wake up or bedtime ritual
  • Find gaps in your schedule
  • Free up your free time
  • Go on a mini retreat
Make three play dates your imagination 2. Jumpstart your dream machine Commit your dreams to paper 3. Imagine if u will ....... Entertain the possibilities 4. Envision it.. Picture yourself living the dream 5. Take the first step Dream on Congratulation ! YOU CAN DO IT AND MAKE THIS REAL

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