Sabtu, 26 September 2009


My name is Theresia Manggih. I imaginated a blog that would boost women's self-esteem by helping them achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and embrace life's joy's and challenges to the fullest. I pursued a career in marketing and teacher. I dedicated myself to tackling and mastring new skills, subjects and activities. My mom calls me a " Can-do Spirit," because i never give up in life. I loved the outdoors and regularly jogged and swimming expecially after i am giving birth i am tried to lose my weight. Ever interested in learning something new, i took cooking, snorkling, and read fiction-nonfiction books. Not content with "wouldn't it be nice" day dreams. I made things happen.
More than anyone know, i treasured my female friends and make point of nurturing those relationships that so often fail by the wayside after break up.
Perhaps because i was a grown-up Girl Scout, I "do it myself" attitude often turned into"C'mon, let's do it together" I truly relished the camaraderie, support, and sheer fun of pursuing new experiences with friends.
Hope everyone like to read my blog.

Peace and Love

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